Thank You!

We have spent the last 6 months in and out of the Big Smoke Studios in London, pouring our heart and souls into this project; a concept album of songs that were written about, or should have been released in, the year that never happened; the year that followed the British Government rejecting my application to stay and work in the UK with my Husband.

As with most artistic projects, this one wound up taking a lot more time, and funding than originally anticipated. We cut no corners, and took our time to make sure that every part of this process was intentional.

We all know that making an album is not exactly the most affordable thing to do, and we have reached the point where we could really use an extra push to help get us to the finish line: The Mastering. This is where we are asking for your help.

Our target to cover the costs of mastering is £650 by August 12. This will complete the album, and allow us to stay on track for our preferred release date: November 22, 2019.

Thank you for stopping by and considering lending your support to help bring this project to life - your support is greatly appreciated.